3 Gun Hero: Noveske Shooting Team’s Multigun Training DVD Trailer

I haven’t been this excited to buy a DVD since seeing the Magpul Dynamics: Art of the Dynamic Handgun trailer.

I own a copy of the Noveske Shooting Team’s popular 3 Gun Outlaw DVD and have watched it dozens of times. From this DVD I have learned a lot about technique and stage breakdown and the fall release of 3 Gun Hero looks to pick up where it left off.

I got the opportunity to meet and chat briefly with Rob Romero and Jansen Jones at the 2012 Noveske Rifleworks Colorado Multigun Championships when they were kind enough to conduct a quick skill-builders class and answer questions from the shooters that had come out early to view the stages.  I am looking forward to seeing some advanced techniques in this DVD and getting some more insight into stage strategy, which is where I feel I need the most improvement.  Plus, how badass is that trailer?

I love the summer but fall can’t get here quick enough.

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