Mistakes are Costly – SHFC Summer Three-Gun Match, 2012.09.28

Summer Three Gun matches at my local range are awesome for guys that really want to improve their performance.  The first match of the month is a “drills day” where the Match Director, Walter T, has us run through a brief course of fire that is designed to work on one specific skill.  The second match of the month has us practicing that specific skill in a real stage under the clock with all the other usual things that shooters have to worry about during their run.

You may remember that the first match of September was a drills day where we practiced shooting on the move.  The second match we put all that practice to work and even got the opportunity to shoot the awesome disappearing mover that Walter has been working on.

I have been going to Physical Therapy for my ankle sprain and I am improving quite a bit.  The pain is nearly gone and I am getting a lot of mobility and confidence back as shown in the rifle and pistol stage movement.  That is a very positive thing for my stage performance.


Mistakes are costly.  Big time.  On the rifle stage I completely forgot to engage the swinger giving me a “Failure To Engage” and 30 penalty points on that stage.  My raw time was faster than everyone but the FTE put me in nearly last place.  On the shotgun stage I thought I would be clever and walk down the hill toward the second array while loading.  Turns out there was an imaginary wall there (I forgot this) and I incurred a penalty.  Couple that with a missed clay target, the steel I engaged while out of the shooting box and I dropped to 5th place.  I really didn’t shoot fast enough to be unhappy with that time so it looks like I need some more shotgun practice in my future.  The highlight of the day was my pistol performance.  I absolutely killed that stage.  But consistency is what wins the match and not even my performance on that stage could pull me out of the hole I dug on the rifle and shotgun stages.

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