Rule Revelations: What I Don’t Know Is Hurting Me

USPSA Rule Book

USPSA Rule Book

I was recently reading Ben Stoeger’s blog which is a great resource for real-world practical shooting information from a USPSA Grand Master.  From time to time he answers readers questions and I came across an old post where Ben explains what a person needs to begin shooting in USPSA pistol competition.  While they were all good, this one caught my eye:


2. Know the rules

Be sure you hang with experienced shooters. They will know the rules. Take an RO class, you will learn a lot.

The biggest thing you need to understand is scoring. You need to know how match points are derived. You need to know how hit factor works. You would be amazed how many shooters do not fully understand scoring in this sport. Don’t be one of those people.

I’ll admit that I don’t know the rules.  I have basically been learning the rules one error at a time and because I currently shoot local matches almost exclusively, the rules are all “house rules” where even the scoring changes from range to range and match to match.

In researching for the Budget Glock 17 Competition Pistol article I found a few interesting things that I didn’t know about allowable mods for Production guns in both IDPA and USPSA.  This got me thinking that there might be other gems out there that I am missing.

Along with my match schedule, fitness regimen and dry-fire practice, I am going to be learning the various practical competition rules as well as part of my “be better at 3-Gun” commitment.  I’m sure a lot of the rules will be a rehash of things I intuitively knew or was told at some point in time but learning exactly how they are written and coming up with my own interpretation will make me a more knowledgeable competitor.  I will attack the USPSA rule book first and record my Rule Revelations here.

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