Shut Up and Paste Targets

The Winter 3-Gun Series at my local range is a popular event.  In the last three matches there have been groups of about 20 shooters and only a half dozen actually reset the stages after each run.  This lack of common decency seemed to be the norm rather than the exception and it was causing us to run super slow, super late and just basically getting on my nerves.  So when the Match Director sent out the stages for this Saturday’s match I couldn’t help but hit “reply all” and encourage my fellow shooters to chip in…

I would like to remind everyone that resetting stages after each
shooter is part of the practical shooting experience.  I reset the
stage after you shoot, you reset the stage after I shoot.  That’s how
it works.

Some added benefits of resetting stages:

1. You get some exercise:  Which is, of course, one of your New Year

2. You don’t look like a slacker:  Gun owners are not slackers.  You
don’t want your gun-pals to think you’re a slacker, do you?

3. We get to shoot more:  Contrary to popular belief, if we finish
with all the shooters in all the stages earlier, each of us gets to
shoot each stage instead of skipping out on the last stage because we
have to leave and attend to our other responsibilities.

4. It builds character:  In these times of YouTube and Xbox, most
young people are not used to being required to do anything.
Demonstrate to them that hard work is rewarding with the side benefit
of the work not actually being very hard.

5. You will be warm: I know that sometimes it gets a little chilly
standing around for a few hours during Winter 3-Gun.  I guarantee if
you move around to paste targets and reset steel, you will be much
warmer than sitting in your truck and waiting for your turn.

6. You build a network: Let’s be honest, as gun owners we are on a
very scary ride in the Colorado Legislature. We can all use the
connections and contacts that we make while resetting stages with our
fellow shooters.

7. You can talk while you work:  Busy talking about how crappy the
Colorado Legislature is or how messed up the economy is?  Great!
Bring your conversation buddy along to talk while you paste!

8. You could make money: I am bringing a pocket full of one dollar
bills on Saturday.  If you catch me not resetting/timing/scoring and I
am neither on deck nor in the hole, I will pay you a $1 penalty
(provided that you are resetting/timing/scoring when you call me on
it).  You will know me, I’m Dave, the really super sarcastic
and opinionated guy.

9. You will learn something: New or new-ish to 3Gun?  There is no
better way to learn stage breakdown and scoring than by pitching in
and helping.  If you are unsure of what to do or how to do it, just
ask.  Your fellow 3Gunners are all great folks and are more than
willing to help.

10. Show your appreciation:  It is a lot of work putting together one
of these matches.  Show the Match Director how much you appreciate his hard work
by making the match flow as smooth as possible.

See you on the range,

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