Combat Shotgun Competition at Knob Creek Range (2012.10.14)

Knob Creek Range Shotgun Competition Registration

Knob Creek Range Shotgun Competition Registration

Some shooting buddies and I are heading down to the Knob Creek Range near Louisville, Kentucky in October for their annual fall Machine Gun Shoot. This trip just happens to coincide with our annual “Combat Clays” shoot so we decided that we’d all sign up for the shotgun competition to keep the tradition alive. You see Combat Clays is where our group of friends from three states (sometimes more) converges on the mountains in Colorado to shoot clay pigeons with our combat shotguns during the day and then cook big dinners, drink bourbon and tell tales in the cabin afterward. You can see how a Machine Gun Shoot and combat shotgun match will suit this tradition perfectly.

Knob Creek Range’s web site is pretty tough to navigate and it usually takes me a while to figure out how I got to the Shotgun Match description. Once I’m there I am underwhelmed by information.  One interesting thing is that you have to mail in your application with a check and then they mail you back a confirmation.   This is basically the only information available:

A bonus of five seconds will be deducted from the score of contestants whose equipment meets all of the following conditions. The competition director shall make the decision as to awarding bonuses.

  1. The weapon must conform to the general configuration of production weapons (as opposed to factory custom shops) with only slight modification to sights, barrel length and trigger weight.
  2. Maximum barrel length is 30” on any firearm.
  3. Recoil compensators & porting, such as Magna Port, Keeper or Pro Portis allowed.
  4. Optical sights or dot sights are optional.
  5. No flimsy device of any kind unsuitable for the rigors of duty use shall be allowed.
  6. (Magazine extensions or metallic sights which approximate optional factory equipment will qualify).
  7. No slugs.  Buckshot or Birdshot of any size is allowed.

It looks like they have relaxed their requirements from previous years that mandated a 22″ barrel, no compensator or porting, no optics and minimum #4 Buckshot.

I’ll be shooting my usual 3-Gun load-out that includes a box stock Mossberg JM Pro Series 930 with 22″ barrel and two AP Customs Shotshell Carriers.  With no mention of a round count I better bring too much just in case.  200 rounds should be enough.

Looking forward to this trip!